W. Michael Gear

has published twelve novels under his own name and co-authored another thirty-four with his wife, Kathleen. His work runs the gamut from historical, to prehistorical, to science fiction, to modern thrillers. All of his work deals with some aspect of anthropological theory. MORNING RIVER was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction, and the National Book Award in 1998. THIS SCORCHED EARTH was a Spur Award Finalist in 2019, as well as having been submitted for the Pulitzer and National Book Awards.

Currently residing in Thermopolis, Wyoming, Michael has returned to his lifelong loves. He lives on a ranch that contains a stratified, two-hundred-and-fifty acre archaeological site, some of the most outstanding scenery in the world, and unlimited opportunities to practice his shooting. A twenty thousand volume library keeps him up to date in the anthropological field, as do the annual Society for American Archaeology and American Association of Physical Anthropology meetings he attends every year. His office window looks out over the Wind River Indian Reservation and the nearest neighbor is an Arapaho Ranch line camp six and half miles to the southeast.

The Donovan Series

A series set on the planet of Donovan, a planet whose plant and animal life are violently hostile to humans. The result? Few humans survive. Among those who do, some become something...other...than human...