Screenplay-to-Graphic Novel

Since co-founding comic book publisher Kymera Press in 2013, I have turned my attention to working with screenwriters who have screenplays gathering dust (on a shelf, in a filing cabinet, on a flash-drive, you get the idea) that might work in a different medium: the graphic novel. I work with the writer, either to help the screenwriter adapt his own work or to hire an experienced graphic novelist to write the adaption; to hire an artist to create character sketches and a cover; to hire a graphic designer to put the package together for presentation to publishers.


I am a grammar and punctuation nerd from WAY back. Count on me to check your work and correct it... whether you like it or not!

Screenplay Critique

I focus on issues of marketability. There are lots of writing teachers and managers and other folks who can help you with your writing. I will tell you what elements may be missing or may need to be enhanced in order to improve your script's chances in the highly competitive marketplace. Remember: your script isn't just a project to sell; it's a project that sells YOU.