June Bug

by Chris Fabry

A little girl who lives and travels with her father in an RV learns that the only father she's ever known is not her father. When he takes off to right the wrong he committed years before, she follows him and finds her family and his truth. Filmed as "The Girl in the Lake".

Good Neighbors (aka Acts of Violence)

by Ryan David Jahn

Contemporizes and fictionalizes the notorious 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese and reminds us of the cost of sitting on the sidelines when we might save a life. (Screenplay available)

Busy Woman Seeks Wife

by Annie Sanders

The author upends the standard rom com when a busy female executive decides she needs to hire a wife. What she doesn't expect is a kind and capable man to take on the job! (Screenplay available)


by Robert Craig

Cannibals in the New York City subway system have been picking off the homeless for years; as that population has grown more wary, the hungry start feeding on passengers. (Screenplay available)

Dark Pursuit

by Brandilyn Collins

Brandilyn Collins puts her own brilliant spin on a story that combines MISERY and SLEUTH with distinctive characters and a surprising and original series of twists and turns.

The Night She Disappeared

by April Henry

A teenage girl who works at a pizza parlor disappears when on a delivery, and only her teenage co-workers believe they can find and rescue her. (Screenplay available)

My Fair Godmother

by Janette Rallison

Janette Rallison's first tale of barely-average fairy godmother Chrissie Everstar whose preoccupation with shopping at the mall results in her sending her teenage client back to the Middle Ages to meet Prince Charming….three times!

This Wicked World

by Richard Lange

Richard Lange's compelling first novel featuring ex-marine, ex-con Jimmy Boone is a contemporary noir that brings to bear all the edge and despair of the genre's history with a unique set of characters and an unmistakably visceral plot that pays off with a vengeance. (Screenplay available)

The Monster Garden

by Vivien Alcock

Vivien Alcock's classic tale of a girl who uncovers her father's secret scientific experiments and rescues one of its "results" until the consequences of its existence spiral far out of her control. (Screenplay available)

Last Days

by Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill's award-winning tale gives documentary film maker Kyle Freeman an opportunity to investigate the notorious Temple of the Last Days cult with Blair Witch-like results. (Screenplay available)