Robert Bright

- Author and illustrator of the GEORGIE series of books about the shy and gentle ghost who lives in the attic of Mr. & Mrs. Whittaker's farm house.
Georgie To The Rescue
Georgie's Halloween
Georgie and the Robbers
Georgie and the Magician
Georgie and the Noisy Ghost
Georgie Goes West
Georgie's Christmas Carol
Georgie and the Buried Treasure
Georgie and the Runaway Balloon
Georgie and the Ball Of Yarn
Georgie and the Little Dog
Georgie and the Baby Birds


The Travels Of Ching

A non-GEORGIE title, THE TRAVELS OF CHING, tells the story of a doll made in China, sent to the United States, and the travels and travails he undergoes before finding the home where he will be loved and treasured forever.