Films based on books take 44% more at the box office
Published July 10, 2018 by Heloise Wood

Films based on books take 44% more at the box office in the UK and 53% more worldwide than original screenplays, research from the Publishers Association (PA) has shown...

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I am pleased to announce that Rodman Philbrick's fabulous dystopian novel THE LAST BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE has been optioned! Set in a future divided into an idyllic, highly advanced society on the one hand, segregated from a society divided into warring, drug-addicted "latches" on the other, a trio of unlikely heroes sets out to make things right. Or is it write? The option includes outlines for two sequels written by the author.

This option is a fantastic addition to Philbick's other great news from earlier this year: an option to transform his winning young adult novel FREAK THE MIGHTY into a stage musical. So far, 2017 has been a great year for Mr. Philbrick, and I'm honored to be part of it.

Tom Holt's dark, sly tale, SOMEONE LIKE ME has been optioned. A twisted narrative with a stunning surprise ending, this union of PREDATOR and CLUE should make a great movie! Thrilled for Tom. This one's a long time favorite of mine!

Work-in-Progress: I am thrilled to be working with the science fiction novels and short stories of the late great French prehistorian Francois Bordes. Written under the pseudonym Francis Carsac, his works date to the golden age of science fiction. Never before translated into English, they deserve the same acclaim as that given to the works of his contemporaries. I am working with Betty Anne Crawford of Books Crossing Borders on the translations and am looking forward to making film and television rights available in the near future.

In the early 90’s, I was privileged to option Rodman Philbrick’s novel FREAK THE MIGHTY, which Miramax eventually made into the film THE MIGHTY. After lo these many years, I have just closed a deal with Universal Music Group to turn the book into a stage musical! The author, his agent and I are all very excited and can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Thrilled to announce that two of Stuart Kaminsky's mystery series have been optioned! Nick Damici (HAP & LEONARD) has partnered with Lillian LaSalle on the Porfiry Rostnikov series; Buzz Koenig has optioned the Abe Lieberman series. Wishing them the very best of luck!

The Forty Days: A Vision of Christ's Lost Weeks

Bestseller MacKinnon received flashes of this story on and off over many years, but in August of 2015, "The Forty Days" laid itself out in its entirety, and he transcribed it all in just a day. A moving story told with humility and shining faith.

MORE good news - and reviews!

- for Nadine Darling's She Came From Beyond!

From Library Journal:
VERDICT You don't have to be an sf fan to enjoy Darling's darkly comic debut novel about love and families (and retro TV shows and obscure B movies) with characters who range from quirky to mentally unstable.

From PW:
Darling's debut offers an enjoyable blend of wackiness and wisdom.


Elena Harty's horror/thriller DONOR has been optioned by Ithaca Pictures. A screenplay already has been written and producers Deborah Dobson Bach and Penelope Glass are looking to attach a director.

Nadine Darling

Kirkus Review

A sci-fi television personality has an affair that soon spirals out of control in this strange, funny debut. Easy Hardwick plays the "much put-upon eye candy role" on a science-fiction parody show (think Mystery Science Theater 3000). She's a local celebrity in her small Oregon town, and she spends her free time posting on a message board called Cool News. It's there that she meets Harrison, and their online arguing turns into online flirting. Their affair begins in earnest when they meet in person at a convention, but things get more complicated when Harrison admits that he's married. Soon, Easy ends up pregnant with twins, and if that isn't enough, Harrison's soon-to-be-ex-wife shows up and brings with her some drama that Easy couldn't even have imagined. Add in her complicated relationships with her gay fathers, and it's clear that Easy has a bit too much on her plate. While the circumstances around Easy spin wildly out of control, it's her grounded-yet-comical narration that makes the book stand out. Her snarky asides and darkly funny quips will make readers laugh out loud, even in the face of death, divorce, mental illness, and heartbreak. Darling crafts a debut novel that's truly like nothing else.
Unexpected comedy and an unusual plot make this a weirdly delightful read.


Vampire lit is one of my favorite type of novel. And Hambly's James Asher series is at the top of my list. Not just because of the vampire story but because she really knows her history( here early twentieth century/ World War One European) but she doesn't clobber you over the head with it-- the history is just part of the story. And this is no bodice ripper either-- the story about a Parisian vampire nest at the beginning of the First World War is complex, nuanced and thrilling. A well-written historical with spies and vampires. Who could ask for more?