Nadine Darling

SHE CAME FROM BEYOND! launches in October 2015 with the rabelesian tale of Esme "Easy" Hardwick, SyFy TV show host and small-town geek goddess, whose internet flirtation blossoms into an irreverent, darkly comic love story chock-full of pop culture references and unforeseen complications.

"What could be more fantastical and hard-to-believe than a book described as a 'comic novel' that turns out to actually be very funny. But 'She Came From Beyond' is exactly that. I was unable to type the letters 'LOL' because I was too busy laughing out loud. It's also an involving story that brings together the important things in life - love, romance, family, parenthood and obscure pop culture references. I recommend everybody read it in the not to distant future or sooner."

Frank Conniff, "Mystery Science Theater 3000"